Thursday, May 27, 2010

Final result of 2010 British General Election comes in

At Thirsk and Malton (Yorkshire), the parliamentary election was delayed for three weeks, from May 6th to May 27th, because John Boakes, the UK Independence Party candidate, died in a plane crash after the election had started.

The election was won by a Conservative with an absolute majority over a Liberal Democratic candidate and three others (Labour, UKIP and Liberal), giving the Conservatives a 307th seat, and their governing coalition a 365th (counting 57 Liberal Democrats and the single MP from the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, which aligns with the Lib Dems at Westminster). Turnout was 50.3%. Here are the final results:

20,167 ( 52.9% ) Conservative — Anne McIntosh
_8,886 ( 23.3% ) Liberal Democratic — Howard Keal
_5,169 ( 13.6% ) Labour — Jonathan Roberts
_2,502 ( _6.6% ) UK Independence — Toby Horton
_1,418 ( _3.7% ) Liberal — John Clark

38,142 ( 50.03% ) Turnout

And the consequent standing of the parties in Parliiament:

365 Government benches (Cons.-Lib. Dem. coalition)
280 Opposition
__5 Sinn Féin (Irish Republicans who refuse to take their seats)

_85 Government majority over all others (simple majority: 323-322)


307 Conservative
_57 Liberal Democratic
__1 Alliance Party of Northern Ireland; votes with Lib Dems

Opposition benches:

258 Labour (official Opposition)
__8 Democratic Unionist (Northern Ireland)
__6 Scottish National Party
__3 Plaid Cymru (Welsh nationalist)
__3 Social Democratic & Labour Party (NI); vote with Labour
__1 Independent Unionist (NI)
__1 Green

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