Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some British Election Statistics since 1945

See the discussion and comments, together with some rather untidy statistical tables of my own, at:

I've managed to create a couple of slightly-clearer tables that I'm posting here because I don't know if or how I can post them there. Don't hesitate to ask about unclear or unfamiliar terms or abbreviations. Click on a "thumbnail image" above to open up a nice, clean, readable full-sized chart.

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  1. Congrats on your blog and the number-crunching. One thing that's struck me is the remarkable stability over 1922-97 (except following both parties' 1931 debacle) of the Lab+Lib vote at around 40% or so relative to the total electorate: the two parties' fortunes seem linked for most of the century, albeit inversely. Despite the subsequent fall in voting overall, the combined tally shows similar constancy at 35% in 2001-10: evidence for a persistent natural "centre-left"?